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Type of Forms

Exam centers use paper forms of examinations and tests, which include:
– Multiple choice question type “1 of many”
– Open-ended questions – the answer is free text or a figure
– Mixed forms
– Draft sheet

SOFIRA provides:
– Identification of the examination work
– Anonymity of exam work from the evaluator
– Randomly selected evaluator for each examination work
– Independent assessment from two evaluators
– Arbitrage of evaluations if they differ over a certain value

*The software provides results, statistics, and data export in the required format and volume.

Auto-recognition of markings, symbols and codes

Examination work identification:
– Barcode
– Machine-readable numbers, markings, and signs

Examination work marking:
– Each examination work is marked with a dummy number, or one is generated by the system.
– Each page is marked with a barcode containing the examination work dummy number and the page number.
– The dummy number is uniquely linked to the student identifier as needed.
– Binding of the examination work to the specific person is done after the evaluation. This guarantees the ANONYMITY.
– Barcodes placed on each page allow indexing and guarantee that separate pages won’t be displaced.

Automatic evaluation of scrolls with closed questions with one or more correct answers:
– Logical control: Performs check for correct recognition of markings according to the requirements of the examination center.
– Answer marking: Lack of marking; more than one marked answer; unclear marking.
– Adjustment processing: The student can change his originally selected answer for each question. SOFIRA maintains a system for processing such adjustments.
– Automatic closed question evaluation: SOFIRA performs optical mark recognition and calculates the score. Each question evaluated separately, and each question can have a different maximum score.

Remote Evaluation

Evaluation from any place and any time:

  • Examination center
  • Remotely from home
  • Any other place with an Internet connection

Two randomly selected evaluators for each exam paper, and neither of them can see the corrections and marks the other one makes.

According to the institution organizing the exam, if there are differences in the evaluation marks of the two evaluators as a whole or in a single question, we can rely on a third opinion. This is the job for a Super Evaluator! They are the most skillful and experienced evaluators provided with the greatest trust. Their role is to resolve such conflicts by determining the correct evaluation.

Results & Reports

The software generates reports which can be exported in formats determined by the examination center:

  • SOFIRA – Statistics
    automatically generates statistics information defined by the examination center
  • SOFIRA – Results
    each student can review a digital copy of his work, where they can see all their mistakes, corrections, and points placed by the two evaluators, how their multi-choice answers have been recognized by software, and most importantly – their final mark
  • SOFIRA – Reports
    generates one time or periodical reports by criteria determined by the examination center


The system is installed and operated in:
– Certified data center
– Secure environment provided by the examination center

Authentication system:
SOFIRA provides multilayer security, as required by the examination center:
– Username, a password + additional element provided by the examination center
– Username, a password, and SMS with confirmation code
– Username, a password, an email with confirmation code
– Username, a password, and confirmation code generated by TOKEN (software or hardware device)

For each user the system generates a report about:
– User activity
– Access rights
– Quality and quantity of evolution
– Comprehensive assessment